Compound Coaching



A PROVEN business model that will work for YOU! 


 Designed to cover EVERY aspect of what it takes to run a successful coaching business, the program includes our extensive system-based Triple 8 coaching tool kit, in-depth coaching process training, methodologies that help you recommend appropriate business strategies to help your clients grow, on-going support, and connection to an innovation-based community of coaches. On top of that, we’ll give you a proven sales generating kick-start program to help you get up and running quickly!


And, when it comes to your return on investment, we guarantee that you will generate revenue that is at least twice as much as you’ve invested. That’s right – double your investment!



Triple 8

Triple8 is the name of the toolset and the coaching methodology. Triple8 stands for three times 8 – the 8 dimensions of SELF, the 8 ways to INCREASE PROFITS, and the 8 PHASES TO COACH a business owner to business independence. 


On average clients coached with the Triple8 methodology realize a profit increase of over 60% in fewer than 12 months!


Following the same principles Open Source community for software, we are able to stay at the forefront of business and coaching!  And with a GIVERS GAIN philosophy the innovation investments remains negotiable.

Once being a lamplighter was a prominent profession. In the 19th century, gas lights DISRUPTED the industry and became the dominant form of street lighting. We are disrupting the coaching industry! The choice to be a lamplighter or a leader is yours?

              Achieve business success by changing how business is done!

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